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Hi I'm Nor from Malaysia. Thank for visit my simply weird blog ^_^
Firstly, I like ARASHI especially
Ohno Satoshi. I bet you're also one of millions of Arashics just like me :) I like five of them very much <3<3<3

Although I would say that I love Ohno the most <3

I love Arashi because i like to see the way they tease each other, like their songs, they brighten up my day, their attitude towards work and everything.

Admire the dorkiness of our good looking Prince MatsuJun,

Admire our miracle boy Aiba chan, his adorableness and just... well, all about his stupidity,

Admire Riida's cute cheeks and cute face and cute everything,

Admire Sho's perfection even back in the old days,

And admire how Nino really didn't change at all after all those years.

They're all so... close, intimate with each other. I love them! (and this thing has reminded me one thing: I'm a fan of other groups, I like other people too but... Arashi really are special. They have that 'something' that makes them unique. I write more on reviews of their interview, drama, movie etc. Do feel free to leave me any comments, I'm happy to hear from all Arashist, and I would be happy if you could leave me a feedback by just "like" my article. It gives me encouragement to keep on writing :)

Secondly, Im the one of the biggest fan of JWorld as well as one of  JMANIA to the point of my interest about Japanese world entertainment unique culture such as Anime+Manga, Jpop, Jrock, Jdorama, Johnny’s Jimusho, Vocaloid, Final Fantasy, Visual Kei and etc.

I didn’t write to much about JWorld things (maybe, a little bit…) but if I found about J world another site which caught my attention and I got interested of it so I try to share it through my blog.

Lastly, I try upload Japanese music to my blog, and video *if I can* because my internet connection so lame, PLEASE comment if u taking something from my blog. 

Because my blog have my daily life and sometimes when I angry or sad or have "weird" dream I make post in my blog. And also my english were  so poor. . .  (please correct me if I’m wrong) … so some of my post have Malay+Indonesian language. 

Anyways, enjoy! And as always, corrections and comments are always appreciated :)
p/s : If you wanna share the story from this blog, i hope you can put a credit back here and not only copy all the words.

Disclaimer : I do not own Arashi. They belong under JStorm label as well as Johnny's and Associates talent agency in Japan who was organised by Johnny Kitagawa himself. I just own a the pic in the label Author Pic. I do not own any material pic/gif were used. I take it from internet as well as Yahoo and Google.

And some Arashi pic/gif were belong to the Arashist Blogger/Journalist/Wordpress/Devianart & Tumblrs from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Spance and United Kingdom.

For glitter pic that i'm using in this blog, all credits goes to some link as well as http://www.zingerbug.com, www.zerochan.net and www.glitter-graphic.com esp for the chibiville author which i used many of her gif as my main gif in my blog. 

Also, translations from Magazine and Idol interviews are credits to the owner of the links source. 

… Hope you guys enjoy your reading ^_^ …


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