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      Watashino Aisuki Ono dess ^_^ But its not my real name and honestly too, im not Japanese as you guys thought. It’s because I just like Nippon (Japan). Everything about Japan. Such as culture, brand, anime, cosplay, Japanese life, food (a little bit) and especially when im involve myself as a fans of Japanese Entertainment. As far, everyone definitely know Jpop especially when it comes to some popular boyband and handsome guys which from most popular talent agency in Japan and of course its Johnny’s Jimusho Entertainment who was organized by Johnny Kitagawa itself. And in a short word, I just wanna to say that im the huge of Arashi fan and everyone who was in Arashi fandom, especially in Malaysia, we call it Arashian meanwhile in globally they call themself as Arashist and the last one is Arashic (Arashi fans in Japan and Korea Only).

                Back again to my background, im just a simple person. The people who was close to me call me Ono but in but in Arashi fandom, I just want them to know me as Keyko but some of them always call me K chan as a simple nickname. Demo (but), they have no differences between Ono and K chan because it still the same person isn’t it? Bokuwa (for me), I feel I just create something difference since I start making 2 name inside of myself and through this im just realize that im really found myself and also thanks for Nobuta Wo Produce (Producing Nobuta). If you guys familiar with this drama, maybe I don’t have to explain it anymore but as fact, when im being Keyko, you can imagine Shuuji through myself (a lonely but cheerfull), but when im being Ono…yup! As well that you can imagine me as Nobuta, a very boring person who I am in real.

                And so, what about K actually?? How about Keyko’s lifeKeyko’s likewhat Keyko’s interested forthe things that Keyko love so muchKeyko’s passionate foror what curiosity that make Keyko’s wonderand lastly what is the word can say all about Keyko.. or Ono maybe..?

                So, first of all Keyko like teddy bear. Everyone have some reason about something what they like, and Keyko is not a kid anymore to carry or hug my teddy 24 hours around my house. No, Keyko’s not that person. Maybe it just too cute but some people like it too. But Keyko have 1,2,3,4,5,6…. Yup! 6 teddy bear just in my bedroom, not include in guest room. So, its not hard to choose a gift when it comes to my birthday because I’ll very appreciate it when I just accept a cute little teddy bear from someone. Really, im gladly to take it ^_^ (brilliant love eyes).

                Secondly is what Keyko interested for. Definitely Keyko is the one of the Biggest lover Of JWorld. To the point any kind of things that related into Japanese World Unique Culture such as Jpop, Anime, Manga, JDorama, Johnny’s Jimusho, Cosplay, Vocaloid, Visual Kei, Final Fantasy and Famous Harajuku Fashion Style. It just about 6 years ago I thought, when my sister show me this very kawaii boyband (Arashi) and also some JDorama (Hana Yori Dango/Hanakimi) that I’m enjoying very much. Since that I’m slowly have a little big crush with some kawaii (cute) boy band from JE a.k.a Johnny’s Jimusho. Their cuteness almost brilliant and of course I have a little big affection for someone who I adores very much and also he’s the one of my Idol in Johnny’s. It’s definitely the One of the Best in Johnny’s and he is Ohno Satoshi ^_^. Why Ohno? Why not Yamapi? Why not Kamenashi Kazuya? Why not Matsumoto Jun? Eh! Daijoubu dessuka? Why I love Oh Chan? I know another same question that I’ve been asked for. Its simply, because Oh chan hontouni kawaii dess! So many reason why I love him that I can’t list them at all at here. And also I love Arashi. So I prepared another space section about this.

And of course it’s not just about Arashi only but also I wrote some connection about Jpop (Hamasaki Ayumi/AKB48/Perfume/MoMu), JRock (Yui/Gackt/Scandal), Visual Kei (The Gazette/S.u.G/Alice9/SID/L’arc En Ciel). Also, here have some discovery about Pretty Adventure of Anime and some information about famous cosplayer in Japan and all around the world.

It interesting, don’t you think?
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